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The term that best explains me is, “rational flaneur” – it sounds elaborate, yet it explains my approach.

Rational flâneur (or just flâneur): Someone who, unlike a tourist, makes a decision opportunistically at every step to revise his schedule (or his destination) so he can imbibe things based on new information obtained. In research and entrepreneurship, being a flâneur is called “looking for optionality.” A non-narrative approach to life.  – from Antifraile by N.N. Taleb

You won’t see too many words here on this site. I’m reserved on speech. There are just so many out there. In the world where 80% plus of most books/internet is fluff I don’t know that I can add too much to it.

I dislike bull shit and fluff, small talk is, sometimes necessary, but still painful, although in the right company a pleasure. That’s why most of what you read is short, to the point and with lots of photos.

Years ago I loved to take photos. Some of that passion went away, but I’m getting it back and hopefully it shows here. I share ideas, thoughts and an occasional review of stuff I like, but that may change.

A lesson of great wealth, to me, is composed of three words: – tempus edax rerum – time devours everything.

A Bit About Me

My name is Artur Ciesielski and this is my site. Joanna points out the my eyebrows are the same as Rupik‘s – our fox terrier.

You’ll see from reading my posts that I have many interests; they all lead to my goal of better understanding how we work, how things work. My goal is tranquility of mind: to be happy and feel joy.

I run several businesses online and offline.

Amongst the activities I enjoy are: cycling – mostly in the city, gardening, photography, reading books that teach – mostly none fiction – and I listening to music such as Flower Kings, David Maxim MicicKult, Seu Jorge, Natalia Clavier, Fabio Zuffanit, Widek,


I’m also on Facebook and Google+.

Get In Touch

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Cell: 602.492.8004