Copain Winery Wine Tasting And Photos

By Artur Ciesielski | Adventure

When I first had a glass of Copain Pinot Noir at The Windsor a local restaurant, that had the wine on tap, I got enamored with this beautiful wine.

It was only after 2 years that I finally got a chance to taste more of their offerings at the winery itself in Healdsburg, CA overlooking the Russian River Valley.

I came to find out that the wine I liked so much was “not such a great wine” – what followed was even more interesting in the clean and tasty Pinot Grigio to the innovative red P2 – a pinot noir and pinot grigio fermented together to create a perfect all around red.

Then came the single estate pinot noirs which were a delight – some of the best I’ve had for my taste.

We came away delighted, a bit tipsy and with a case+ of wine to accompany us for the remainder of our California trip.

Copain Winery-4 Copain Winery-7

Copain Winery-5 Copain Winery-8 Copain Winery-9 Copain Winery-10 Copain Winery-6 Copain Winery-14 Copain Winery-11 Copain Winery-12 Copain Winery-13 Copain Winery-15 Copain Winery-16 Copain Winery-3 Copain Winery-2

Where: 7800 Eastside Road Healdsburg CA 95448


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