Neighbors One

By Artur Ciesielski | Photography

I’m feeling a bit brave this evening. So much so that I had a brilliant idea to do a series of photos about my neighbors and the people who walk by alone or with dogs.

Maybe it’s the wine, or the broccoli or the superfine merino bandana tee from Outlier that I’m wearing, but I think I’ll make a go of this thing.

Here is my first photo, an impromptu snatch of my neighbors working on their car without them knowing. That’s going to need to change, of course, if this will go anywhere.

So often, I want to know who someone is. I say hi so many times while sitting outside, but I never know who I’m talking to – their name, their suff.

My neighbors - photo one - Nexus 5x

My neighbors – photo one – Nexus 5x

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