The Rock Of Gibralter

By Artur Ciesielski | Adventure

The Rock of Gibralter is a bit of Britain in Spain. It’s not, but it does belong to England. 

It’s a shopping city filled with the likes of thousands of people in and out of hundreds of shops. 

The highpoint is a walk up to the top of the rock with spectacular views, including the tip of Africa. 

Barbary apes amuse and pester tourists for food while lazying around and shitting all over. 

rock of gibraltar-2

Lets take Gibralter back from the Brits.

rock of gibraltar-4

A spectacular view back toward Spain.

rock of gibraltar-3

The Mediterranean Sea.

rock of gibraltar rock of gibraltar-5

How can one not play in this playground.

gibraltar in the air

rock of gibraltar-6

A cactus meanders its way up the tree.

rock of gibraltar-7

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