3 Hours In The Huntington Gardens San Marino California

By Artur Ciesielski | Places

After a long 20-mile bike ride up 3,500 feet in the hills of Altadena, a shower and a glass of wine Joanna picked me up and we headed to the Huntington Gardens.

At first, I was surprised by the $25 per person entry fee. It seemed like a lot for a couple to spend $50.00 just to see a garden. This dismay quickly vanished when I saw what this place had to offer, even if we did rush through it in 3 hours.

Since my phone was dying, drained by the gps signal feeding the Strava app, I was limited to how many photos I could take Рhere are a few.

Starting with the desert plants, which are simply spectacular in their variety, color and size.

This tree below is a bonsai tree, it’s absolutely spectacular, beautiful and maybe 3 feet tall.

It’s details like this that I enjoy in Japanese Gardens.

And there is also a Chinese Garden.

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