Walking The Japanese Garden In Portland

By Artur Ciesielski | Places

Japanese gardens provide a means of achieving the peace of mind and clarity of thought.

The garden is a miniature representation of the world; its elements include rocks, water, trees, buildings, gates and fences – all these elements are important, none more than the other.

These elements are carefully  manicured – aesthetically pruned.

A well designed garden like the Japanese Garden in Portland is a destination in itself. I can spend hours – a full day there wandering around, walking from one end to the other, covering hundreds of miles in miniature through the mountains, the ocean, rivers, forests and valleys.

These are photos of the Japanese Garden in Portland, Oregon. It is one of the reason I’m finding this part of the country drawing my in.  They are from over a year ago, yet I can still smell the moss, grass, trees and water.

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