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The region in question is Consuegra, where the world’s finest saffron is grown. The village celebrates this fact with an annual Fiesta de le Rosa del Azafrán or in English, Festival of the Saffron Rose.

The town of Consuegra is a must if you Castilla-La Mancha. This picturesque village is about 60 kilometers from Toledo and about 120 kilometers from the capital Madrid.

spanish windmills

This region is also home to Spain’s most preserved windmills. Locals call these molinos del viento. Eleven to those sit atop a low hill outside of Consuegra.  These beautiful white and blue windmills support the adjoining castle.

spanish windmills-3

These famous windmills are said to be the inspiration for Miguel de Cervantes’ famed book Don Quixote.  Wantering amongst the well preserved windmills immersed in the breeze one can’t help to feel but feel immersed in the story.

spanish windmills-2

The medieval castle is thought to have been originally built by Al-Hajib Al-Mansur, the Moros in the late 10th to early 11 century.  Later Alfonso VIII used it during the Spanish Reconquest.

The castle interior has several towers each with rooms with simple furnishings. There is also the dining room, kitchen, several bedrooms and a chapel open for viewing.

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