In Salzburg On Bike And Foot

By Artur Ciesielski | Adventure

September 2012 – after a failed stay in Rovinj, Croatia I decided to head at random to Salzburg. Rovinj was hot, as hot as Phoenix and I did not get away from the heat to be in it.

So from Ljubljana I got on a train through the Alps into what turned out to be an awesome decision.

Here are the photos.

salzburg1-2 salzburg1-3

salzburg1-4 salzburg1-5 salzburg1-6
salzburg1-7 salzburg1-8 salzburg1-9 salzburg1-10 salzburg1-11 salzburg1-12 salzburg1-13 salzburg1-14 salzburg1-15 salzburg1-16 salzburg1-17 salzburg1-18 salzburg1-19 salzburg1-20 salzburg1-21 salzburg1-22 salzburg1-23 salzburg1 salzburg3-2 salzburg3-3 salzburg3

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