Slick Rock Mountain Bike Trail, Moab, Utah

By Artur Ciesielski | Adventure

This must ride in Moab gets a bad wrap from some. The climbs can be difficult, especially if you’re not ready, but even if you walk a few of them, this loop is a blast and truly a must ride.

We got lucky. The overcast sky and mid 70’s temperatures were perfect for this ride. I can’t imagine doing it in the heat. With no shade and the sun pounding from the sky and the heat reflecting from the solid rock, this would be a rather dreary, cumbersome ride.

With the good weather with us all was spectacular; the ride; the views; and humor.

It took a few grunts to get up some hills, but the quick downhills made up for that. I think 2-3 of these a week and one could become a monster climber.

Since it’s all rock, you and your bike will get rattled. Check your bolts after the ride.

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