First Ride With The Feiyu Tech Gimbal and GoPro 4 In The Phoenix Mountains

By Artur Ciesielski | Phoenix

For the mountain biking trip to Moab, I decided to try doing some videos with an action cam.

What’s kept me from recording before is the shaky quality of most videos I see. Then I saw this wearable gimbal in a few places online; the results look really good; then I got the equipment.

Not being sure about how well it will work and how much I’ll use it, I rented the GoPro 4 Silver. The gimbal could not be rented, so I purchased it.

Here is the setup.

The recording quality I’ll and used in the video below is 1080 at 30 fps. That seems to be a good quality for most applications.

Below is the first video I shot with this setup. It was recorded on the trails in the Phoenix Mountains, which are rocky and rough, especially trail 8 heading south back to the 32nd Street parking lot, with a lot of drops and high-speed descents.

Make sure the change the quality settings to 1080HD for the best visual quality.

What do you think of the quality and stability afforded by this combo?

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