Space 03 Update Two – White Out

By Artur Ciesielski | Challanges

It’s been a busy week and things are moving along really nicely. I hope that continues, but it may or may not. There is always stuff that comes up: so far those things have been limited.

I picked up the special order floor and it’s waiting in the bedroom.

The windows should be here soon. On the 14th. That’s a major change to the building. They are larger then existing windows and of course more efficient.

Once the windows are in it should go quickly.

By now 90% of the plumbing and electrical is done and covered up with drywall.

Here is the living room all in white.

6245 03 Update TWO

What’s next?

The floor.

Some of it is done already.

6245 03 Update TWO-2

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