Vivobarefoot Mata Slip On Shoes Review After A Month Of Heavy Use

By Artur Ciesielski | Review

I first saw the Mata shoes on the UK site (I live in the U.S. right now) when casually browsing for new shoes. I got excited, they looked perfect for what I wanted and they are. When they became available in the U.S. my order went in.

These are my favorite Vivobarefoot shoes so far and this is my 7th pair.

vivobarefoot mata shoes review

Vivobarefoot MATA shoes after a month of wearing.

The review is of shoes after a month of constant use – including normal wear, plus some running, jumping on walls, riding a bike. In other words they were not pampered.

When I first put them on it was a tight fit: the shoes were a bit stiff.

Overall any barefoot shoes I’ve ever purchases has been about half a size smaller than regular shoes. Unlike the canvas shoes from Vivobarefoot these were a bit tighter, similar to the Bannisters.

A week later I didn’t want to take them off. The leather had stretched a bit and formed to fit my feet well.

I’ve been wearing them in the warm Phoenix weather nearly everyday since I got them: they have gotten some good wear and still look good, unlike the Bannisters which did not take wear vary well.

My initial impression when I took them out of the box was that the color was a wee bit darker than on the website and the leather not as uniform in finish – it’s leather.

Phoenix is flip flop and sandal territory, nearly year long. That’s what I wore mostly until I found Vivobarefoot which offers more none sports barefoot shoes. With sandals there is a limit to mobility with barefoot shoes there is not – they don’t flop, yet most offer a larger toe box and minimal cushion with maximum mobility.

vivobarefoot mata shoes review

Vivobarefoot MATA shoes

With all the barefoot shoes I’ve worn my agility, feel, and mobility has improved and more importantly I love the control I have over my foot, a light and nimble feeling.

The Mata shoes look great – the clean simple design and tan color mean they are not intrusive. One of the things that bothered me for many years with barefoot shoes was that there were few that did not cater to runner or sports. I wanted shoes for everyday wearing and these meet that need.

These are, so far, my favorite barefoot shoes.

I paid $144.00 – a full retail price and still a good deal. I hope these shoes find a permanent home in the line up.

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Jodie 3 years ago

I agree 100%! I live here in the UK and I find these shoes only rarely so always buy 2 of each! They are so comfy and very ethical (made from free ranging cow hides) so too good not to get.

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