2014 In Preview

By Artur Ciesielski | Hygge

At the end of every year I make a list of things I’d like to do the next year. Once I make the list I never really go back to view it.

These are but a direction on a map, not the exact road to take. Life inevitably takes its own course. Things change. New things come up.

Could I see clearly the end of 2013 as I imagined it the same period in 2012? No where near am I where I thought I was headed, but then again I had the same ideas about goals last year as now, that is, that they are a general direction, not a prescription.

Usually I write these down in my notebook, but this time, since I have this shiny new blog, I’ll write them down here. A few more personal items will be kept off this public list.

In no particular order.

1. Spend the holiday season of 2014 in Vienna.

2. Ride, on my bike, the Amber Trail from Gdansk to Budapest.

3. Ride the Szlak Orlich Gniazd from Krakow to Czestochowa and back, possibly get a guide to show me the places few see.

4. See Transatlantic in concert.

5. See Flower Kings in concert.

6. Study Stoicism.

7. Finally fit into a 31 or 32 size pant, which also means lots of exercise and…

8. A diet based on Paleo principles, most of the time and…

8a. intermittent fasting.

9. Expand my portfolio of websites.

10. Visit Brughes.

11. Read.

12. Refine my photograpy skills.

13. Concentrate on quality over quantity.

14. Start a website sharing my experiences of seeking ‘independence income’.

15. Cook lots of exotic foods. Especially middle eastern food.

16. Share time with friends.

17. Seek tranquility.

Already that seems like a busy year.

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