The Festive 500 2013

By Artur Ciesielski | Challanges

The Festive 500 ( #festive500 ) is a challenge to get on a bike and ride at least 500 kilometers from the 24th of December to the 31st.

#festive500You get nothing for doing this: no one will reward you, well, except for the cool Festive 500 badge (and I really want that badge because it’s the simple things like it that get me most excited – probably because you can’t just go out and buy it.) which will probably look like this graphic on the right. And, there are other prizes to be had, but that’s no reason to do this.

I’m going to do it for the hell of it, for no reason, except that that will be my excuse to ride instead of doing other things.

Unfortunately, I do have some other obligations.

My bike is ready, all lubed up, set to go.

For some additional fun I’m going to take photos and write about my experience during these 8 days.

I was going to take the first ride on the 24th to Sun City from Central Phoenix for a home inspection.  Those are one of the obligations that came up out of the blue. The buyers want to close this friday and we just go under contract last Thursday so it’s all being done in a hurry.

I don’t feel well today so I may just do the ride one day, amounting to 30 miles versus the 60 I was planning for this day.

In total I’ll need to do 313 miles or about 39 per day.  At my pace that is about 2-3 hours a day depending on where I go and what obstacles, like lights are in the way.

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