Abstracts From The Air – Nepal Mustang Valley

By Artur Ciesielski | Adventure

On one of the most amazing flights ever; from Pokhara to Jomson, Nepal.  Some of the highest peaks in the world on either side, no doors to the cockpit, only about 20 people on the plane, sounds, winds, so many feelings and impressions, so abstract. It still seems like a dream and a few photos from the flight that to me, too, seem like a dream.

Mustang Valley (1 of 5)

(top or bottom, which is which)

Mustang Valley (5 of 5)

(so much to look at here – the rice fields dominate with a tiny village below and what’s above?)

Mustang Valley (3 of 5)

(a river of gold in a river valley)

Mustang Valley (4 of 5) White (5 of 5)

(apple orchard – unexpected ha? – covered in snow, but yet a few small fields are green! why?)


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