Into The Sacred Valley

By Artur Ciesielski | Adventure

This ride began in Chinchero at an altitude of 3,700 meters or about 12,140 feet. In Chinchero we first saw a demonstration of traditional lama and sheep wool preparation and dying.

sacred valley-4

An example of the counting tool used by Incas, just these are exaggerated in size.

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This lady did a great job explaining the process in English.

sacred valley-2 sacred valley

These little creatures are the ginny pigs so loved by Peruvians as food on special occasions.

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The soap they use to clean the wool is made from a root and does an excellent job.

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Just some of the 3,000 varieties of potatoes in Peru pus beans, corn and other roots.

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An Inka site. There was a celebration at the time with loud fun music.

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The ride at first was tame, over country roads. It was an easy day of riding. The views of the mountain were spectacular.

sacred valley-21 sacred valley-19 sacred valley-21 sacred valley-23 sacred valley-20 sacred valley-24 sacred valley-22 sacred valley-18

It was only toward the later part of the ride that we got onto some single-tracks.

sacred valley-26

A young girl and her brother were not shy about coming over to view the repair of a flat tire, standing only a few feet away observing.

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They think this was an experimental farm. Each of the 15 terraces below from top to bottom had a 1 degree Celsius difference in temperature allowing them to try to grow the cocoa leaf which normally grows in the jungle. They did not succeed.

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The river runs along this canyon. It’s rich in salt. The many tables here allow the water to evaporate and the salt to be harvested.

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This was near the end of our ride and just above the Sacred Valley where we would stay three nights.

sacred valley-31

sacred valley-30

Above a view from my hotel room balcony. The hotel is Inkallpa located in the Sacred Valley.

The Metrics

42.6 kilometers from an elevation of 3,700 meters

into sacred valley

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