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Hey, I'm Artur - This is my blog where I share photography, ideas, opinions and some of what I'm doing these days.

A Precarious Life

By Artur Ciesielski | Intelligence

10 minutes after doing my job on the roof – taping in preparation for painting – I had to get back down. I was two stories high, plus a ledge – I had just thrown an old motor off the roof to the ground, watching as it fell, hit the ground and the vibrations shook […]

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The Greening Of The Elm

By Artur Ciesielski | Hygge

Each spring there is lots anticipation until the Elm in our front yard greens. In 2015, I noticed the first signs of leaves on February 16. It’s now February 18th and only a smidgen of green has shown. It’s a warm mid-winter, with record highs so, I think, it’s a bit unusual that it is […]

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