Brainless On Cherries And Pork Fat

By Artur Ciesielski | Essay

The following makes no sense at all. I’m not sure I understand it.


Sometimes I get an idea to write about something, I jot down some notes, quick successions of thoughts and save the thing as a draft.

Days, Weeks, Months, Years later I look through my draft posts. Most often I can’t remember why I started them or what they even mean.

This is one of those cases. The title is interesting, the contents maybe. There is something there, but what.

This is as raw as it gets.

Sometimes it takes a beer and pork fat to make one feel good – as in drugged good – or adrenaline good – fresh air good – take your pick: I take the latter two.

I was sitting outside



feeling the hight of a good film and beer

come home

make a quick salad

put on the music – transatlantic

dim the lights

make chicken



so simple  so good

register the domain name

mix the chicken  – add spice –


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