Early Thanksgiving Fall In Phoenix

By Artur Ciesielski | Essay

This IS such a beautiful time of year.

The tangerines are ready to eat, the oranges and grapefruit is just a few weeks from being perfectly sweet and juice.

The roses are blooming and the lavender is swaying in the light nippy breeze.

It’s Thanksgiving day. ¬†Traffic is light and it’s nice and quiet, but it’s the smell in the air that’s just so wonderful and full of depth and the nuances – the wood burning stoves and fireplaces, the turkey in the oven, the roasting of nuts – it’s all so wonderful and more pronounced in the air than when it’s 100+ degrees – maybe because it’s actually possible to sit at the table in the front yard.

Then there are the colorful leaves. Some are orange, brown or deep red. The peach trees are especially colorful. I see one just turning orange while another is already fire red – they fall on the street and cover the grass, curb and black asphalt in a bright orange blanket.

This day, this time, this moment – these sights and smells – so much wonder and so much for which I can be thankful.

And, then Joanna bring out a waldorf salad that is simply amazing!

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