Coffee Run To Downtown Phoenix

By Artur Ciesielski | Photography

I was going to hit the trail then take the car to see a property as a potential purchase. I got in the car thinking, “what am I doing” and quickly got out, changed my shoes, got out the bike and off I went to see this property, pick up some coffee and see what’s new in downtown Phoenix.

What’s new? Lots.

After seeing the fourplex my next destination was Cartel Coffee. It was still there. The cappuccino was awesome good as alway. The service great too. I picked up some, honey washed Providencia, coffee beans –  , sat around drinking my coffee and watching the people walk by. Then I hit the bike to ride around some of the streets and alleys.

There are many changes: lots of new buildings going up – mostly high end apartments for ASU students, but at least, some of the empty lots are filling up.

I hope the city does not fuck up by taking down what is left of the historic properties like on Roosevelt Row. I don’t have much confidence in their ability to see the potential in keeping these places going. So much as been destroyed already and it’s only by the luck chance of the real estate cock up that many of the historic homes and commercial buildings sitll exist.

Here are some photos of downtown Phoenix as I saw it today.

downtown phoenix-2 downtown phoenix-3

downtown phoenix-4 downtown phoenix-5 downtown phoenix-6 downtown phoenix-7 downtown phoenix-8 downtown phoenix-9

All photos taken with the Sony A7II and 35mm lens.

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