CX’ing Through The Phoenix Mountains Preserve

By Artur Ciesielski | Places

cx bike ride through the phoenix mountainsThe sun is blinding. The ground, the hills, the sky are white washed with light. There is no steam, no moisture, everything is bone dry except those few plants that protect their stores of water with a waxy film on their leaves and bodies.

I’m in the middle of the Phoenix Mountains Preserve, but I could as well be in the middle of the desert.

There is no one here, not a soul with no sight of the city from any point of view.

The ground is hard packed with loose rocks and dust.

There are some signs of past life – shoe prints and wide bike tire tracks, but those look the same like the rover tracks on the moon and they could have been made at the same time.

Yet, I find myself here, alone with my supply of water running low and the ice keeping it cool is gone.

It’s 9am.

My skinny cross bike tires have been good to me so far, no thorns and no pinch flats, they will keep me going except up and down the steep trails in the hills before me. I can see fat tires, but no skinny tires as this is the realm of the mountain bike. Had anyone ventured into this parched beautiful land this time of day they would probably smirk or laugh out loud at those skinny pieces of rubber on those wheels.

As unlikely as a CX bike is to be seen in these mountains, it is here and through the few miles I rode before the desert spit me out, wasted, wet, sticky and covered in a fine mesh of dust at 32nd Street and Lincoln it provided me with dose of adrenaline and some good times.

And if you dare venture into the these rocky mountains in the midst of the Phoenix summer and wonder at the skinny track along the trail, be assured it is not a new species of snake, it is the remains of tracks made by me and my CX bike.

lynskey cooper cx in the desert



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