The Wednesday Morning Routine – Bike, Coffee And Veggies

By Artur Ciesielski | Fare

Almost every Wednesday morning I have a routine. It’s farmer’s market day.

morning rideBut, before hitting the market to load up the backpack one must have a cappuccino at Lux or Royal Coffee.

The backpack gets rolled up, stuffed in the bottle cage on the bike and off I go, usually straight to the well shaded undercover of Murphy’s Bridle Path along Central Avenue, then cutting across the street to get on the South bound bike lane I head quickly toward Lux.

This time of day there is a rather long line at Lux, but they are efficient. Despite there being about a dozen people in front of me, the order was taken and by the time I paid the coffee was ready. Just coffee, no pastries this time.

The weather is still good so I had my coffee outside watching people go in and out in great numbers, greeting each other coffee and pastries in hand.

From there the best way to get to Town and Country is to ride the Grand Canal to 12th Street then to Campbell to take the pedestrian overpass over I-51 then a short straight ride to 20th Street and North to the market.

Today I got there a bit late than usual so supplies were running low. I got one of the last loaves of Noble bread.

This season is good for peppers, tomatoes and all sorts of melons.

My backpack filled and a quick ride back home.

An that has been my Wednesday morning routine: some exertion, fresh food and coffee.

town and country farmer's market

Mid June bounty from the Town and Country Farmer’s Market.


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