Lazying On A Sunday Afternoon, Cappuccino In Hand

By Artur Ciesielski | Essay

A cappuccino at Royal CoffeeIt’s been a while since I sat around, lingering, listening, working a bit or not, at a coffee shop.

When setting up an appointment to meet someone, on a whim, I set it up at a coffee shop – Royal Coffee at the Biltmore.

The weather is perfect for sitting outside. Cute light fluffy clouds in the air and above average temperatures in the mid 70’s. I love this spot. I forgot how much I enjoyed doing this.

Years ago there used to be a coffee place called Coffee Plantation where True Foods is now. It was a great place to sit around with coffee and be surrounded by a very cosmopolitain and international crowd. One could hear languages from all over the world, but Central European languages were prominent – that old lounging coffee culture so ingrained in Vienna or Krakow was felt here too.

Sadly, but not so surprisingly Coffee Plantation closed – the coffee was not so good and service was even worse. It was still a great loss. There was no place else that this culture could congregate again.

And it has not to this date.

But a few years later Royal Coffee opened. Here I do hear a few Central European voices, but it’s not the same thing – yet it’s a pleasure to see and hear people just enjoying each others company with a cup of espresso.

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