From Picasso To Tapas In Malaga, Spain

By Artur Ciesielski | Places

Now into our first full day in Malaga, the city is located in the costa del sol. I find this city to pleasant, even charming, clean, right sized, accessible, touristy, but not too much – and kinda fun.

I can understand why people say skip it, but certainly not after 1 day. It deserves more time than a typical layover affords.

Just look at that sun drenched view: bright and crisp.

malaga panorama

A view from the balcony of our apartment on to the street below.

people in restaurant

view from hotel walking a narrow street pedestrian walkway private ship swinger texture malaga tree

Alcazar of Malaga.

alcazar detail fountain alcazar entry alcazar details cool malaga sky alcazar details-2 i see you

The mercado – market – is divided into three sections: 1. meat 2. fish 3. fruit, vegetables, nuts and stuff like that.  The fish were the most amazing sight – so many, so fresh and so much life in this section.

malaga mercado fish

Lo Gueno – first tapas bar on the tour – a more traditional place.

eating in malaga we love malaga food tour-2

Los Gatos has to be the funnest place for food and drink. We stumbled on this place our first day in Malaga.

Wanting to order something the waiter said – “we don’t have this”, “have this” pointing to the ox tail stew. This happened three times before I succumbed to his wish and went for the ox tail stew which turned out the be a good choice.

Later on the food tour this was our second stop, but this time we got to go behind the bar where the action happens.

we love malaga food tour-5 we love malaga food tour-4 we love malaga food tour

Two Poles, Two Fins and a bull who just wants to go away.

we love malaga food tour-6

A famous artist is responsible for circles and bears.

we love malaga food tour-8 we love malaga food tour-7 we love malaga food tour-9

The last tapas bar, a rather posh place made less so by the ishis.

we love malaga food tour-11

This is what happens when a Pole and Fin get together for wine and tapas: they end up in a public fountain.

we love malaga food tour-13 we love malaga food tour-12

Joanna enjoys a coffee just before some blister decided he is the world and his parents gave no shit to his annoyance.

eating in malaga-2


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