What To Do In Lima, Peru? The Initial Research

By Artur Ciesielski | Adventure

On a whim I decided to go to Peru for a mountain biking trip with Sacred Rides instead of where I intended to go.

I’ve been wanting to do the Peru trip for a while, but it did not feel right before.

I’ll be arriving a few days early to check out the city: Lima.  From what I’ve ready most people say to get out of Lima and just go to Cusco.

Then I read that Cusco is mostly a tourist town which immediately tells me to stay away and not make it a major part of my trip. Cusco is on the list anyways as part of the mountain biking itinerary.

Lima will be a major part of my stay. I think 3-5 days total. Not much, but maybe enough experience part of it.

I’m very keen on seeing this city. Cities where people live and work are my thing – real cities, not those catering to tourists.

I’ve started doing some research on things to do in Lima and the list is growing rather quickly.

The things I’m going to focus on are active adventures and food.

[ This page is a work in progress ]


A culinary tour. One in the daytime and one in the evening.

Mistura: a gastronomic fair Mistura in Lima.

Lots of info about Peruvian food.


Hijo de Olaya  

Comandante Espinar 849

Rafael Osterling

San Martin 300, Miraflores
Lima 18, Peru


La Mar Cebicheriía – ceviche.


A bike tour and or bike rental.

10 things to do in Lima, that don’t include the usual.

Urban Cycling in Lima

Artisan Markets in Miraflores.

Paragliding – Aeroxtreme

Walking Tour of Lima –

Lima Walks – walking tour. I was told tour 1 is a good one for first time visitors.


Larco Museum.



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