An Epic Ride From Bernino Over Bocchetta Di Forcola

By Artur Ciesielski | Adventure

In the morning we ended up in Bernino, a small Italian town, but in Switzerland. It was a short break before we did an absolutely epic ride.

Bernino-2 Bernino-3

This is Passo Del Stelvio – a famous mountain pass. It’s closed in the winter. In some spots two cars will not fit, side by side. It is from this point that our ride, not on the road, began today. This was the best ride so far, a grueling and difficult ride yet with so many rewards.

Bernino-4 Bernino-5 Bernino-6 Bernino-7 Bernino-8

This is the start of the trail. It was cold and a long way to ride up at a very high elevation. I could feel the lower oxygen levels: my head hurt and my legs lacked motivation.Bernino-9 Bernino-10 Bernino-11 Bernino-12 Bernino-13

The pass of Bocchetta Di Forcola was the peak from which began our decent.

Bernino-14 Bernino-15 Bernino-16

The rare blue butted sheep.


The photos below don’t show the beauty that one sees in person, the nuanced colors and textures and of course the grandure.

Bernino-18 Bernino-19 Bernino-20 Bernino-21 Bernino-22

A few cows did get in the way.

Bernino-23 Bernino-24 Bernino-25 Bernino-26 Bernino-27

We ended the day at the Albergo Bagni Vecchi, a natural hot spring with saunas, pools and other tools of relaxation. I spent two hours soaking in the outdoor pool overlooking the beautiful mountains. We left at 19:30, back up the Stelvio to Little Tibet where we spent the night. That’s coming next. 


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m.s.Woods 8 years ago

Artur, your photos are excellent. Thanks for sharing them – Mike Woods

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