From Little Tibet

By Artur Ciesielski | Adventure

The previous day, our day ended at a spa. We still had to drive up the Stelvio to get to our hotel in Little Tibet. It was dark and the road was covered by a thick cloud. The drive was slow and long.

The hotel is on top of the Passe Del Stelvio. It is here where slept and it is from here that we rode Thursday.

This is a view from our hotel room and a few others at first are repetitive, but the light changes so quickly and often that each has its own nuances.

Stelvio Pass-2 Stelvio Pass-3

Stelvio Pass-4 Stelvio Pass-5 Stelvio Pass-6 Stelvio Pass-7 Stelvio Pass-8

This is our hotel.

Stelvio Pass-9 Stelvio Pass-10 Stelvio Pass-11 Stelvio Pass-12 Stelvio Pass-16 Stelvio Pass-15 Stelvio Pass-14 Stelvio Pass-13 Stelvio Pass-17 Stelvio Pass-18

After a short 100 meter climb this is where our trail began for the decent.

Stelvio Pass-19 Stelvio Pass-20 Stelvio Pass-21 Stelvio Pass-22 Stelvio Pass-24 Stelvio Pass-25 Stelvio Pass-26 Stelvio Pass-27

The decent was about 3 hours. At the bottom, before another short climb we saw this awesome place along the street. It is one guy who did all this work, a very interesting person. He asked for 1 Euro per person to view it. An amazing place.Stelvio Pass-28 Stelvio Pass-29 Stelvio Pass-30 Stelvio Pass-32 Stelvio Pass-33 Stelvio Pass-35 Stelvio Pass-36 Stelvio Pass-37


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Mike Brcic 8 years ago

Beautiful photos, Artur, and fantastic writeup so far.
Hope you’re having a great time!

Adela Bak 8 years ago

Amazing photos!

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