Neighborhood Ride In Uptown Phoenix Round Three

By Artur Ciesielski | Places

uptown phoenix ride twoThese neighborhood exploratory rides were a good decision. Despite the 100°F + temperatures I’ve been getting out on the bike.

Once on, the Cadence stem tells me what to do – a top of it are the words – “keep going” and that is exactly what I do.

Almost everyday so far for 1-2 hours I ride the city streets taking photos, taking notes and minding the cars.

Unlike the last neighborhood – Dreamy Draw – Uptown is large and much more diverse so besides doing a lot of riding, there will be research in the form of visiting lots of restaurants.

Of course we’ve been to most of them already, but we need photos and there are new ones all the time.

There are some long time staples which are frequented by locals. Richardson’s, Rokerij, The Phoenix Grill for instance plus others.

Uptown Phoenix is changing. New stores, new restaurants, infill projects, remodeling: it’s attracting new residents, but keeping the current ones happy too. I love this area, but I’m biased I live in Uptown Phoenix too.

historic homes in windsor square

Historic Tudor in Windsor Square

uptown phoenix

Entry onto Murphy’s Bridle Path

uptown phoenix-2

The venerable Deli at Central and Camelback

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