Olleros Downhill Ride

By Artur Ciesielski | Adventure

What a great day. From the long 4 hour ride to the starting point through some wonderful little towns, to the 55 kilometer ride down 3,540 meters to the Pacific Ocean to the walk and spectacular sushi at Edo back in Lima. We left Lima early and headed South to miss the traffic, at first on a highway then progressively into narrower and unpaved roads up the side of a mountain, often missing on oncoming bus by inches. Olleros Ride-6 The well worn dusty roads below. Olleros Ride-9

Olleros Ride-16


Our first stop was Antioquia for breakfast, about half way to the destination. This is a very charming town with the whitewashed buildings in the center and some side streets painted in colorful natural scenes like birds and flowers. I later found out that many of the town were there are schools are painted like this. In fact, as we drove in lots of well dressed children were sitting on the steps below a church or running around playing as they waited for their teacher to arrive from Lima after a weekend away. Olleros Ride-4 Olleros Ride-5 Olleros Ride-11 Olleros Ride-17 Olleros Ride-32 Olleros Ride-37 Olleros Ride-7

Starting Point

The starting point of the decent was from a three  house village called Buena Vista at about 3,500 meters elevation. Olleros Ride-12 Olleros Ride-18 Olleros Ride-19

Town of Olleros

Our second stop was the town of Olleros, a quiet small town at this time of day. We had lunch, filled up on water and relaxed a bit before some of use started to play around on bikes doing tricks. Full, rested and happy the ride continued. Olleros Ride-30 Olleros Ride-20

The Ride Continues

In the photo below, about half way down, just follow the ridge trail and just to the left is the river bed which took us to the ocean in the distance. Olleros Ride-27 IMG_20150907_130753 Some of the trail we meandered through.

Olleros Ride-40

Olleros Ride-22

Olleros Ride-34

Reaching River Bed

Riding along this river bed for about 20 kilometers was super fun. I can’t express the joy I had jumping, dipping, climbing in and out of the bed and over rocks, catching air and enjoying the view as we headed straight for the ocean. Olleros Ride-2 Olleros Ride-3 Olleros Ride-28 Olleros Ride-29 Olleros Ride-38 Olleros Ride

Reaching the Pacific Ocean.

Olleros Ride-36

From the left: Artur (me), Lonnie, Nancy, Giovanni and Xavier.

Finally and maybe just in time we reached the ocean. Another hour and it would have been dark. Beers and smiles all around. Olleros Olleros Ride-8 Olleros Ride-13

From the left: Artur (me), Lonnie, Nancy, Giovanni and Xavier.

From the left: Artur (me), Lonnie, Nancy, Giovanni and Xavier.


The Ride

In all we did 53.3 kilometers and 3,521 meters of decent. Olleros Trail And, as if this day was not great enough a walk in Lima and a superb dinner at Edo – Japanese sushi place made it all so much better.

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