Simple South West Salad

By Artur Ciesielski | Fare

Often when I’m hungry or need a snack I want to reach for chips, chocolate or something like that, but what I really need is healthier than the former and this easy salad hits the spot.

This simple salad just reminds me of the South-west. It’s just 4 ingredients plus salt and pepper.

Roughly cut some fresh organic in season tomatoes. You need tasty tomatoes for this. Add ripe avocado, green onion and some pine nuts. Throw some sea salt, fresh pepper on it and, assuming you used good ingredients, you’ll be happy.

It’s fresh, light, yet the fatty avocado and pine nuts satiate the appetite and provide a variety of textures.

And, you don’t even need a plate. Eat it right from the cutting board.

simple south west salad

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