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By Artur Ciesielski | Review

I’ve become very fond of the beautiful and very utilitarian Nest Learning Thermostat. It was installed in mid summer last year. I’m not sure it’s saved me money. It probably has, but that was not the only reason why I purchased it.

I like having control of the device from my phone or laptop. While other thermostats also do this, not look as simple to look at and use as the Nest.

When we needed new smoke detectors I picked this one up, really on a whim at the local big box store. After my good experience with the thermostat, I didn’t feel the need to put too much thought into a decision on buying the Nest Protect smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector.

Nest Protect Review

It’s not inexpensive at $129,00, but it’s not much more than similar units that are both a smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector.

While, I hope, I don’t get to test the real purpose of this sensor, so far it’s been easy to set up and to hook up to the Nest app.  The Project has a beautiful calming voice that walk you through the set up process.

I did have to reset it once because I accidentally pushed confirm on the Spanish language option and it was a bit of a pain to reset is because you had to guess on what she was saying in Spanish to know when to push the reset button. For someone who does not understand some Spanish it might be frustrating to do this.

Nest Protect Review-2

For a smoke detector it really is a nicely designed piece. Unlike the other ones, I don’t mind having this around on the walls and ceilings.

Even the screws, shown below, are beautifully made. I spent a good while just enjoying the tactile feel and visual appeal of these screws.

Nest Protect Review-4

What I really like is having the smoke detectors visible on the app on my phone where I can monitor both the smoke detectors and the thermostat, even when I’m away.  Since my dogs stay home sometimes when I out for business or pleasure I can be altered quickly if there is an issue at home and this could help save Rupik and Maja and maybe limit damage to the property if it comes to that.

Nest Protect Review-3

The Nest Protect Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector is a beautiful piece of equipment that goes well with our interior and I’m sure it would be go wall with most. It’s added functionality and ability to be monitored are a plus and, I fell, worth the extra premium, though a lower price would be helpful. I know I’d purchase these for my rentals as well if they were, say $79.00 each.

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