The Vivobarefoot Mata In Blue Canvas – 2016

By Artur Ciesielski | Review

Without a doubt, my favorite shoes are the Mata for daily use and the Motus for sport. So much so, I have spares in my closet, but Vivo just came out with a canvas version of the Mata and I could not resist picking up a pair.

See my review of the previous leather model from 2015.

I really like the leather version of the Mata. When I first put them on I was so happy and as I wore them over, the next few hours and days, I rarely took them off. They nearly became part of me – providing all the protection and style, yet staying out the way.

So often did I wear them that I went through 3 pairs and purchased 3 others just in case they were no longer available in the future. Good thing I did. The light tan Mata are no longer available. The new 2016 leather version are too brown for my taste and clothing collection.

But, the canvas version work-out well and are a good option for a lighter, more elegant summer wardrobe.

vivobarefoot mata canvas in blue

The Vivobarefoot Mata in light blue canvas are perfect for the warm weather and casual lifestyle in Phoenix, AZ.

The Mata slip-on has a 3mm sole.

The canvas version is called, “Eco canvas” and “is made with 50% recycled PET bottles and 50% natural Cotton.” Even better, “Every pair made saves 17 bottles from landfill[s].”

The canvas version has some other differences which, if you had the 2015 leather Mata, you need to know about.

They are narrower.

The toe box is smaller and they feel tighter. At first, I thought they need to stretch out a bit. It has been a few weeks now and they are still a bit tight. Not uncomfortable, but I would prefer the larger toe box which made my feet feel so free, yet supported.

There is no solution to this. A larger size, of course, if not one.

That’s my only complaint.

It’s possible that they breathe a bit more than the leather shoes. It’s hard to say because the heat of the summer has yet to arrive, but so far that is my feeling.

I’m very happy with these shoes and hope they stay available in some form for a long time to come. I’ll buy them as long as they are not too brown.


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